Things To Consider When Renovating Your Home

A common dilemma homeowners face when thinking of starting renovations is whether or not to hire a professional builder. Most homeowners think that as renovating is not as big a project as building a house from the ground up, these projects are something that they can do themselves. Here are a few reasons why this mindset could lead to disaster and why working with professionals is often the smarter choice for most homeowners.

Professional builders have the experience

Professional builders are in the business long enough to gather the experience needed, whether its dealing with suppliers to making sure that all construction glitches and problems are minimised. Professional builders follow a tried-and-tested plan and series of steps for each project that they take on to maximise their time, labour and expenses as well as prevent any accidents. This is something you cannot get if you are a weekend warrior whose biggest claim to fame is painting your baby's nursery a dainty powder blue.

Technical know-how

A big factor you need to consider before you decide to take on a renovation project by yourself is your skill level. There are areas of home renovation, such as electrical work and plumbing, that only professionals can handle. If you cannot hammer a nail to save your life, it probably is not the best idea to renovate the entire kitchen by yourself.

Professional builders have liability insurance and worker coverage
Professional builders are required to have insurance and worker coverage for a reason. If property gets damaged or a person becomes injured as a result of renovations in your home, you will be liable and could cost thousands of dollars in losses if you do not have the insurance. 

Professional builders work with a contract

A contract is the legal protection if something should go awry with the project. This means you can claim compensation or have the builder do the project again when the result is not what was agreed upon as stated in the contract. If problems with any  home renovations Auckland arise and you have done the work yourself you could end up paying more than the  original  cost of getting the work done by a professional.


Professional builders offer warranties on labour and you no longer have to worry about voiding the warranties of high end fixtures when these are installed by a professional, a risk that you face if you handle these installations on your own. With a warranty you can have potential problems fixed at no cost if problems with the equipment are discovered within the covered period.

These are just a few reasons why working with professionals is the better choice if you are doing home renovations in Auckland city, even if you think you are pretty handy around the house. Professional workers produce professional results and when it comes to your house, you should only get the best quality of work that you can find. If you are looking for the most reliable builders for home renovations in Auckland there are numerous professional, licensed and certified builders who can give you the professional renovation results you need.